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DE:CODED – What Does a Breach Look Like?

“I always work on the assumption that you’ve been compromised”

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Show notes for series 1, episode 7

What does a computer security breach look like? We talk about the things journalists don’t cover. And we examine some areas that people in the industry don’t like to talk about.

In this episode we’re going to look at what a computer breach, or hack, actually looks like. We take the view from both the attacker and defender’s positions, so you can get a full picture.

We welcome special guest St. John Harold, a cyber security veteran of 20 years experience. He has operated in the British armed forces, governmental organisations and commercial companies.

What Does a Breach Look Like?

How do attackers behave? Are ‘advanced’ attacks really advanced? Can you tell who is attacking you?

Simon and St. John discuss real-life security problems and solutions from the point of view of attackers and defenders. Both have vast experience in keeping networks safe, and in attacking them. Consequently their discuss is a valuable resource for any CISO.

This 100% vendor agnostic discussion provides a unique perspective and so gives a fantastic insight into what you need to know to secure your business.

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Annual Report 2021


  • Introduction
  • Hollywood breaches vs. reality
  • Attacker view of breaches
  • Evolution of attack techniques
  • Phishing, social engineering and email security
  • (Ab)using credentials
  • AI and machine learning in breach detection
  • Hacker training grounds
  • Alert fatigue
  • Governance
  • The role of CERTs
  • Are attacks really ‘advanced’?
  • Subcontracting hackers and attribution
  • How to choose products and services
  • Security can make things *more* convenient
  • Assume they have compromised from
  • Personal privacy


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