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Our CTO joins AMTSO Board

Stefan Dumitrascu Brings Expertise to AMTSO Board


We are delighted to announce that our Chief Technology Officer, Stefan Dumitrascu, has been elected as a Board Member of the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organisation (AMTSO).

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Employee Spotlight – Solandra Brewster

We spoke to Lead Network Security Analyst, Solandra Brewster


For this month’s employee spotlight piece, we spoke to Lead Network Security Analyst, Solandra Brewster.

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RSA Conference 2024

A Platform for Global Cybersecurity Collaboration and AI Integration.

The RSA Conference 2024 once again established itself as a premier platform for cybersecurity experts, policymakers, and technology innovators to converge and address the rapidly evolving threat landscape. Held in San Francisco, this year’s conference highlighted significant advancements and trends in cybersecurity, particularly emphasising the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into security solutions. This convergence provided a fertile ground for knowledge exchange, fostering collaborations that are crucial for fortifying global cyber defences. 

Understanding the Evolving Threat Landscape 

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Back to Security Basics

Lift your organisation’s security into the top 1%

Back to Security Basics

It’s a shocking statistic, but most businesses don’t have a cyber security plan. Given the lack of general interest in cyber security, it’s no wonder that ransomware and less obvious threats are running riot through computer systems all over the world.


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SE Labs Annual Security Awards 2024

Annual Security Award Winners

Annual Security Awards 2024

Announcing the SE Labs Annual Security Awards 2024, where we celebrate security vendors for their exceptional performance in both rigorous testing and real-world feedback from customers. These awards stand as a unique recognition within the industry, acknowledging the mix of strong lab work and practical success.

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The-C2 Threat Intelligence Conference

A Guide to Fortifying Cyber Defence

Following cyber security best practices is not enough. Excellence in the face of ever-evolving adversaries requires a proactive and strategic approach combined with a solid understanding of cyber threat intelligence. The-C2 conference is the key event in this area.

Why The-C2 conference should be on your professional calendar

The-C2 threat intelligence conference is a gathering of industry leaders, security professionals and seasoned experts.

Find out more about the spirit of The-C2; explore what to expect from this cyber security community; and make a compelling case for why your senior security executives should consider it an indispensable part of their professional calendar.

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Employee Spotlight – Stefan Dumitrascu

We spoke to Chief Technology Officer, Stefan Dumitrascu

For this month’s employee spotlight piece, we spoke to Chief Technology Officer, Stefan Dumitrascu.

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3 ways attackers bypass Multi-Factor Authentication

And 3 ways to stop them.

bypass Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is much more popular than it used to be. It’s easy to use and the enhanced security that it provides is supported by many services. But it’s not bulletproof. It is possible to bypass Multi-Factor Authentication.

How to get past the best security measures since the password was invented

The proliferation of mobile devices that support MFA in various different ways has helped make it a convenient option for users and life much harder for attackers, who need to develop ways to get around it. So, of course, they do.

In this report we examine how attackers manage to bypass Multi-Factor Authentication, a security measure that seems rock solid on the face of it.

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Ransomware vs. Endpoint Security

Results from the largest public ransomware test

CrowdStrike Falcon Ransomware

Ransomware is the most visible, most easily understood cyber threat affecting businesses today. Paralysed computer systems mean stalled business and loss of earnings. We tested CrowdStrike Falcon’s endpoint security vs. ransomware.

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Realistic attacks for useful results

Critical Endpoint Protection Evaluations

Realistic attacks for useful results

Endpoint protection is a critical component of any organisation’s cybersecurity strategy. And if it’s critical then you should test it and additionally, have others run assessments too.


AMTSO Compliant

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