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SE Labs Annual Security Awards 2024

Annual Security Award Winners

Annual Security Awards 2024

Announcing the SE Labs Annual Security Awards 2024, where we celebrate security vendors for their exceptional performance in both rigorous testing and real-world feedback from customers. These awards stand as a unique recognition within the industry, acknowledging the mix of strong lab work and practical success.

Best New Endpoint Award

Joining the SE Labs testing program is a serious commitment. Our assessments are renowned as the most stringent in the industry, with only the highest calibre products earning coveted A, AA, or AAA awards.

We always welcome new entrants to our tests and it’s incredibly satisfying to work with partners who work to solve problems as well as to celebrate victories.

The winner of this year’s Best New Endpoint Award is SentinelOne.

Best Network Detection and Response Award

Achieving robust security hinges on comprehensively grasping the capabilities and intentions of potential threats to your IT infrastructure. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) serves as the frontline defence, actively identifying, thwarting, and dissecting cyber threats lurking within your network. An optimal solution empowers security teams, streamlining their efforts and enhancing their effectiveness in safeguarding your digital assets.

The winner of this year’s Best Network Detection and Response Award is VMware.

Best Product Development Award

Our testing engagements whether public or private, provide vast amounts of information that can be used to improve and strengthen security products. Our award winner has taken our work and run with it, improving the security of their customers and making life significantly harder for attackers. We commend their adeptness and efficacy with this award.

The winner of this year’s Best Product Development Award is Check Point.

Best Managed Service Provider Solution Award

Following our conversations within the community and rigorous testing, we created shortlist of exceptional companies that support their partners in keeping their MSP and partner community informed of the ever-evolving threat landscape.

The winner of this year’s Best Managed Service Provider Solution Award is Sophos.

Best Email Security Service Award

Email is the primary vector for cyber threats. As such, there is much opportunity for email security services to stop cyber attacks at their earliest stages. With the rising menace of targeted assaults, often leveraging sophisticated social engineering tactics, the imperative for email security services to evolve and counter such threats becomes ever more pressing. This year’s champion has consistently showcased its prowess in discerning malicious intent from legitimate communication, reaffirming its role as a stalwart defender against digital adversaries.

The winner of this year’s Best Email Security Service Award is Trellix.

Best Next Generation Firewall Award

In our evaluations of firewalls, we conduct thorough tests that put their data sheets to the real-world challenge. We assess how swiftly data moves through these devices while adhering to security protocols, gauge their resilience against attacks amid heavy legitimate traffic, and evaluate the ease of managing these complexities. Our award winner has excelled across the board, showcasing outstanding performance and resilience.

The winner of this year’s Best Next Generation Firewall Award is Cisco.

Best Innovator Award

As attackers continually evolve their tactics, security vendors must remain innovative in their approach to detecting and thwarting these threats. Mere marketing buzzwords like “machine learning” are insufficient to earn our coveted Innovator award. Products must demonstrate exceptional effectiveness and deliver substantial added value to your security arsenal to merit recognition. It’s not just about fancy labels; it’s about tangible, impactful solutions that elevate your defence capabilities in the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats

The winner of this year’s Best Innovator Award is Palo Alto Networks.

Best Endpoint Detection and Response Award

The best security involves having a good understanding of your enemy and the extent of the impact they could make (or have already made) on your IT infrastructure. Endpoint Detection and Response serve as the frontline guardians, actively identifying, halting, and delving into cyber threats within the network. A superior solution not only empowers security teams but also streamlines their efforts, enhancing overall effectiveness in combating evolving threats.

The winner of this year’s Best Endpoint Detection and Response Award is CrowdStrike.

Best Free Anti-Malware Award

Recognising that not everyone has the means to invest in protecting their home computers, we acknowledge the necessity of free antivirus solutions. However, we demand that these products provide the same level of protection against threats as their pricier business options. While easy management might be less of a priority, we refuse to compromise on the fundamental aspect of protection.

The winner of this year’s Best Free Anti-Malware Award is Microsoft.

Best Home Anti-Malware Award

Everyone deserves good security, including home users. Attackers often do not discriminate between targets. Automated attacks have been running on the internet for decades, and phishing and other social engineering attacks appear in our inboxes on a daily basis. Home computers are also often used for small business purposes. Our Home Anti-Malware winner provides world-beating security without requiring users to become security experts.

The winner of this year’s Best Home Anti-Malware Award is Kaspersky.

Best Small Business Endpoint Award

Small businesses face the same level of threat as global 500 organisations, but with a fraction of the budget and expertise available for defence. They need good security measures that don’t require large teams to manage them. Our Small Business Endpoint winner supports small businesses by providing an effective and easily used endpoint protection product.

The winner of this year’s Best Small Business Endpoint Award is ESET.

Best Enterprise Endpoint Award

When malware reaches its target it’s up to endpoint security solutions to make the last stand. A robust solution will make a low impact on system performance and be easily manageable. It should also be adaptable enough to detect and protect against the latest targeted attacks as well as the general commodity threats that affect victims indiscriminately.

The winner of this year’s Best Enterprise Endpoint Award is Broadcom.

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