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European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards 2021

Please nominate us! You did it! Update: And we did it!

European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards 2021

The European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards is here again! It recognises the best computer security blogs – the sites you use to keep up to date with what’s going on in the cyber security world.

It’s not too late It is now!

Thanks for nominating us. We’re listed in four of the nine categories thanks to you! These are:

  • Best Technical Content
  • Best Corporate Blog
  • Up & Coming Podcast – WE WON!
  • Best Podcast

The winners were announced on the 9th June 2021. Updates are available at the official website.

The following is old news. The update is, we won Best Up & Coming Podcast. Thank you so much if you nominated us. The judges are from across the security world and they voted for us! We’re proudly humbled, if that’s a thing!

For us to stand a chance we need you to nominate us. Then other security bloggers vote on who will win. The official deadline has passed but we hear nominations are still being accepted! So please do us a massive favour and nominate us now.

Cyber security blogs are really important. They share knowledge from a wide range of sources to help you understand and react to the threats we all face on a daily basis.

Why nominate us?

Our team work really hard testing the products and services you use, or are considering using. Our blog and podcast are the main ways we provide these results and in-depth analysis of cyber security in general. We do all of this for free.

European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards

It would be really encouraging if you could help us gain some recognition from this respected awards event.

If you can manage at least one of the following, we’d be extremely grateful.

  1. Visit the nomination form and choose Best Corporate Blog from the list, using as the name of the blog. You don’t need to add any other information.
  2. Visit the nomination form and choose Up and Coming Podcast from the list, using as the name of the blog. You don’t need to add any other information.

If you see any other categories you think apply please go ahead and nominate us there too. But if you could just manage one of the two options above that would be amazing! Thank you 🙏!

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