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SE Labs Annual Report 2020

awards winners testing like hackers

Well, 2020 was an interesting year! Some of the largest and newest security companies were bought and sold…

The world descended into chaos thanks to a biological virus (while digital viruses continue to wreak havoc)…

And SE Labs launched a new website and started using machine learning in its testing.

We appreciate some of these things are more important than others…

However, in the face of adversity we must all carry on and we are proud to announce our second annual report, in which we review the unprecedented year of 2020, announce our annual awards winners and discuss testing like hackers.

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Testing like hackers? If you want to see how well security products work, you need to test them like you’re the bad guy. This is what we at SE Labs specialise in. Realistic and accurate copycatting cyber criminals and spies to see what happens to anti-malware, endpoint protection and other security products.

You can find out all about the exciting new Breach Response and Email Security Services Protection tests. And learn that even security testers can use machine learning to make testing better, while still testing like hackers.

We will explain who we work with (it could be you!), to try and improve everyone’s security in this time of uncertainty. We’ll also explore how security testing has improved (or not) over the last 12 months and suggest ways in which you can use us better to help you personally or your organisation.

Awards winners and testing like hackers

Our annual award winners announcement shows who has impressed us the most since our last annual report.

And if you are new to security testing, we explain what the full attack chain is, and why you should use it when assessing security products.

Read the SE Labs 2020 Annual Report report now for all this and more!


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