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Choose your reviews carefully

Three reasons our security tests are the most trustworthy

Choose your reviews carefully

This security report compares anti-malware products. Its job is to help you make informed buying decisions. We applied advanced testing techniques to ensure that the results are meaningful. The same cannot be said for many other tests. I’d say you’ve picked a good one to read, here. Let’s prove that.

AMTSO Compliant

Security report checklist

There are a few questions you should ask when you look at a security report. These are all very important but in random order here they are:


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Beware fake anti-virus reviews

You need anti-virus and there is a load of advice online about which to buy. Who can you trust?

best anti-virus

Some anti-virus reviewers know what they are talking about. Others don’t. Some are just in it for the money. How can you tell which reviews are worth your time?

How to choose anti-virus for your PC and your family

Most people believe that you should run anti-virus on your PC. Independent security experts, governments and every computer journalist on the planet promotes this advice. And they are not wrong. There is no doubt that installing anti-virus is one of the most important things you can do to keep your computer and its data safe.

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