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Employee Spotlight – Dimitrios Tsarouchas

We spoke to Senior Security Analyst, Dimitrios Tsarouchas

Employee Spotlight Dimitrios Tsarouchas

For this month’s employee spotlight piece, we spoke to Senior Security Analyst, Dimitrios Tsarouchas.

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Level:Up cyber security education programme

SE Labs ran a second year of its cyber security education programme

About Level:Up

In an increasingly digital world, the demand for skilled cyber security professionals has never been higher. Recognising the need to prepare the next generation for this critical field, SE Labs proudly presents its Level:Up cyber security education programme. This comprehensive initiative, now in its second successful year, is designed to equip A-level and University students with the knowledge and tools they need to excel in the dynamic realm of cyber security.

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Employee Spotlight – Simon Edwards

We spoke to the Founder and CEO of SE Labs, Simon Edwards

Simon Edwards, Founder and CEO

For this month’s employee spotlight, we spoke to Simon Edwards. Here at SE Labs, Simon is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

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How can you test and judge endpoint protection products?

Working out which endpoint protection product is right for your organisation requires a lot of thought.

Each product on the market has a pile of features and they don’t all do exactly the same thing. But at the very least, they should detect and stop malware threats. That should be your baseline when choosing between them. In this blog post, we explain how we test so you can judge which endpoint protection products are best for your organisation.


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Endpoint Detection Compared

We compare endpoint security products directly using real, major threats

Endpoint Detection Compared

How can you test and judge endpoint protection products? SE Labs tested a variety of Endpoint Detection and Response products against a range of hacking attacks designed to compromise systems and penetrate target networks in the same way as criminals and other attackers breach systems and networks.

EDR products require advanced testing

An Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) product is more than anti-virus, which is why it requires advanced testing. This means testers must behave like real attackers, following every step of an attack.

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Employee Spotlight – Joseph Pike

We spoke to ESS Project Lead, Joseph Pike

For this month’s employee spotlight piece, we spoke to ESS Project Lead and heavy metal enthusiast, Joseph Pike.

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Does it matter if your company is hacked?

And why are some businesses overconfident that they are secure?

Does it matter if your company is hacked?

A true story: There was a team manager, a head of IT and a chief financial officer. I asked each if they considered their network to be secure, hacked or in some other state.

The ex-military team manager was supremely confident that the secure network was, as its optimistic name suggested, secure. The IT manager said, “I don’t know,” and the CFO said, “I don’t know, and does it matter?”

AMTSO Compliant

Email Security Services test: Enterprise and Small Business test explained

This report examines the effectiveness of five email security solutions. Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and Google Workspace Enterprise are commercial email platforms. Trellix Email Security, WithSecure Email Security and Mailcow Open Source solution are third-party ‘add-on’ services designed to provide additional security. Of the ‘add-ons’, the services from Trellix and WithSecure are commercial, while Mailcow’s is open-source.

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DIY email security

Can you defend against email threats better than the security companies?

How well do the main email platforms handle threats? Is it worth paying for additional email security from a third-party specialist? Or could you create your own secure email server and get top grade protection for free?

Compare a major email platform with a third-party service and an open-source solution

In this special, one-of-a-kind report we investigate how well one of the world’s largest email providers performs when trying to filter out harmful security threats from your email. We also assess the benefits of a well-known email security service that you can bolt onto any other email solution. And finally, we built an open-source email server running a combination of security and management tools to see how well it compared.


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Employee Spotlight – Jeremiah Morgan

We spoke to Senior Security Analyst, Jeremiah Morgan

For this month’s employee spotlight piece, we spoke to Senior Security Analyst and Shaolin enthusiast, Jeremiah Morgan.

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Top five antivirus myths busted

And why do we still believe them?

Top five antivirus myths busted

Anti-virus, or endpoint security plays an essential part in protecting Windows PCs. Whether you are working in the world’s largest enterprise, or using a small personal laptop, you need a last line of defence against attacks that use malicious code to steal or damage your data.

AMTSO Compliant

Are you a believer?

Some people have doubts about how useful anti-virus can be. Their opinions might be out of date, or they might believe marketing claims designed to push new products and discredit the competition.

At SE Labs we test endpoint security all the time, so we know what’s true and what belongs in the post-truth world. Here are the top five antivirus myths, busted!


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