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Early protection systems

Can EDR really stop advanced targeted attacks?

Early protection systems

SE Labs tested Coronet Cyber Security Coro against a range of hacking attacks designed to compromise systems and penetrate target networks in the same way as criminals and other attackers breach systems and networks.

Full attack chain EDR test

There are many opportunities to spot and stop attackers. Products can detect them when attackers send phishing emails to targets. Or later, when other emails contain links to malicious code. Some kick into action when malware enters the system. Others sit up and notice when the attackers exhibit bad behaviour on the network.

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Regardless of which stages your security takes effect, you probably want it to detect and prevent before the breach runs to its conclusion in the press.

Unique test acts like real hackers

Our Enterprise Advanced Security test is unique, in that we test products by running a full attack. We follow every step of a breach attempt to ensure that the test is as realistic as possible.

This is important because different products can detect and prevent threats differently.

Ultimately you want your chosen security product to prevent a breach one way or another, but it’s more ideal to stop a threat early, rather than watch as it wreaks havoc before stopping it and trying to clean up.

Watch attacks or stop them?

Some products are designed solely to watch and inform, while others can also get involved and remove threats either as soon as they appear or after they start causing damage.

For the ‘watchers’ we run the Enterprise Advanced Security test in Detection mode. For ‘stoppers’ like Coro we can demonstrate effectiveness by testing in Protection Mode.

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In this report we look at how Coro handled full breach attempts.

At which stages did it detect and protect? And did it allow business as usual, or mis-handle legitimate applications?

Understanding the capabilities of different security products is always better achieved before you need to use them in a live scenario. SE Labs’ Enterprise Advanced Security test reports help you assess which are the best for your own organisation.

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