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Public endpoint test notification

Call to action for security vendors.

Public endpoint test notification commentary phase

Tests that follow the AMTSO testing Standard give vendors a chance to voice their opinions.

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SE Labs has issued a new public endpoint test notification through the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO).

This means that the details of our next endpoint testing, scheduled to run from now until the end of Q2, will be available on the AMTSO website.

You can see what we are testing, how and when.

If you are included in our test you can make comments directly to AMTSO. If you are on its list AMTSO will contact you over the next few weeks. Please respond when you get the call. It makes the testing process stronger if you do.

How should you respond to a public test notification?

Yes, No or Meh!
You will receive a link to a simple form that essentially asks, “do you want to be in this test or not?” If you work with us you’d want to note your willing participance. You might be neutral about being included, in which case you can say that instead. Or you might not want to be in the test at all, so you’d make that clear.

You can also, optionally, give your opinions about the test. For example, “I wish we had received more advanced notice and that the test handled false positives differently.” Or, “We think this is the best test in the world!”

There are only 8 tick boxes, one of which confirms you are happy to have your views published on the internet. It’s very, very simple!

Here is what the public endpoint test notification form looks like:

Public endpoint test notification form

Important dates

For a wider view, here is our regular endpoint testing schedule for the whole of 2022. Highlighted entries are upcoming dates for the current testing project.

Endpoint Security (EPS) 2022
TestSet-upStartEndReviewPublication (est.)
Q13 Jan 2217 Jan 2221 Mar 224 Apr 2213 Apr 22
Q221 Mar 224 Apr 2210 Jun 2224 Jun 225 Jul 22
Q327 Jun 224 Jul 226 Sep 2220 Sep 2229 Sep 22
Q49 Sep 2220 Sep 2222 Nov 226 Dec 2215 Dec 22
Endpoint Security Test Dates

Dates for other tests this year are available. Just ask via email and we’ll provide them.

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