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Network detection and response testing explained

See our presentation video from the AMTSO Town Hall meeting.

network detection and response

Network detection and response products monitor networks for attacks. They look for related information too, to help detect and recover from breaches.

Network detection and response: TESTED!

SE Labs has applied its Enterprise Advanced Security testing methods to network detection and response products. In this video we explain how and why we test the way we do.

Historic moment in NDR assessments

Annual Report 2021

We published our first network detection and response report in October 2021. We’ve been working with a number of network security vendors for some years. This report represented the sum of years of planning, executing and refining our test.

By running the most realistic set of attacks possible we put NDR products to a significant challenge. Can they detect real attacks in real-time, often using unique scripts and malware? If you want to know more about advanced persistent threats on the network please watch this video. If you download the original report please read past the initial graphs and dig into the detail!


SC Magazine published a series of articles covering SE Labs’ NDR testing:

NDR vs. Advanced Threats: Part 1

NDR vs. Advanced Threats: Part 2

NDR vs. Advanced Threats: Part3

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