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DE:CODED Transcriptions Online

Transcriptions of the DE:CODED podcast are now available.

DE:CODED Transcriptions

Sometimes you just want to scan a wall of text to find the details you need. That’s impossible with a podcast. You often find yourself listening to different episodes, trying to find the nugget of information you half-remember hearing.

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To help make our podcasts more accessible we have published full transcripts of each episode. Series One is complete and we’ll continue to transcribe Series Two when we start publishing its episodes.

Annual Report 2021

Each episode has its own blog post that contains a recording, Show Notes and now a full transcription right at the bottom.

Wall of text

Our episodes are usually between 30 to 60 minutes long so the transcription takes up a lot of room on the page, so we’ve placed it after all of the other Show Notes. Check out the image in our announcement Tweet below to see where to find the transcription.

We first announced the transcriptions on the DE:CODED Twitter feed. Please subscribe to receive the latest news straight away!

Transcriptions for Series One are now available.
See the Show notes for each episode for automatically generated text, lightly edited.
It’s been fun binging on these episodes while correcting the worst errors…

Transcriptions available

Originally tweeted by DE:CODED (@DECODEDcyber) on February 7, 2022.

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