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SE Labs Annual Report 2021

Awards, Testing Advice and a 6-year Endpoint Protection Review

Our third annual report is now online. Free for all, it highlights the cybersecurity trends of this year. Which security products were the strongest? How are they tested? And how can you learn more about assessing security?

Annual Awards and Advanced Security Testing

It’s been six years since we started testing endpoint security. We’ve trawled through all of our previous reports to show an interesting summary of how various products have performed over a long period of time. See who has improved and what challenges caused some products to fail.

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SE Labs doesn’t automate testing. Since our inception, we have focussed on realistic and honest testing. One way we stay relevant and accurate is to rely on our highly skilled testers. We don’t automate our tests: everything is done by a person, which means we can adjust to follow the behaviour of the criminals quickly.

Meet the team

Our report contains a gallery of our testing team, most of whom work from the London office. We do have some remote working team members, but most of us are based in Wimbledon. We believe we have the largest independent third-party security testing team in the world.

What do we test?

From endpoint to data centre appliances, our advanced security testing methods are used by global organisations to assess security products for enterprises, as well as small businesses. This year we have tested anti-virus, email security, next-generation firewalls and network detection and response appliances to name a few.

NEW: Security Testing DataBase

Supported by SE Labs and many other third-party testing organisations, the Security Testing DataBase is a resource for technical researchers and security teams interested in learning more about security tests and testing. Understand how testers work and learn to create and run your own tests. Details on how to apply are in the annual report.

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SE Labs Ltd is a private, independently-owned and run testing company that assesses security products and services. The main laboratory is located in Wimbledon, South London. It has excellent local and international travel connections. The lab is open for prearranged client visits.


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