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Free Security Keys

SE Labs is giving away 100 security keys (and keyrings)


To celebrate our 100th blog post the team at SE Labs is giving away 100 security keys. And our exclusive, stylish keyrings!

We bought 100 security keys back before the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down. The idea was to give them away at security conferences. Since then, in-person meetings were cancelled worldwide and we didn’t have a chance to give away these useful keys.

So we’re giving them away now, online. Subscribe to our newsletter and be among the first to learn when the next batch will become available!

How to get one of our free security keys

We want you to be more secure. And one way we can help is to send you updates on the latest security developments. So we’d like you to sign up to our newsletter. You don’t need to become a lifelong subscriber. Just give us a go.

  1. Sign up (if you already subscribe just skip to step 2)
  2. Send your mailing address from the same email account to Keyring achieved!
  3. In the same email, ask a great question or send something funny* to win a security key to go with your keyring.

Why you want a security key

Using a security key like the Yubikey Security Key U2F FIDO2 puts you in the top 1% of internet users, where security is concerned.

(Having an SE Labs keyring makes you even more exclusive and elite.)

You have a username and password for most internet services you use. Some support additional security, often called ‘multi-factor authentication’. If you use this extra measure (and you should), your account will be much harder to hack.

Imagine a hacker got hold of your Gmail password. They could reset any number of your valuable accounts, including insurance, cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox) and your Apple/ Google/ Microsoft accounts. The potential damage is limited only by the attackers’ imagination.

You really don’t want someone to compromise your email account . It’s your virtual castle.

Now imagine that the hacker has your password, types it in and sees a message asking him/her to insert the security key to continue. Unless they stole your key, they are locked out.

An attacker with your username and password still can’t access your accounts.

How to set up a security key

While we’re giving away these free security keys, we’re not partners with the manufacturer so we’ll let it explain how its product works. The video below shows how to use the keys with Gmail. Similar videos for Dropbox and other services are online too.

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