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DE:CODED – Is Anti-Virus Dead?

“The claim that AV is dead is guaranteed to make headlines, which is why the claim is made so often”

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Is anti-virus dead? A lot of people seem to think so, but they all have their reasons – some of which are more honest than others. We dig into the motives and passions behind this controversial question.

Annual Report 2020

Security veteran Simon Edwards has been involved in testing anti-virus software for (nearly) his entire career. In this podcast he gives his unique perspective on the question: is anti-virus dead? He says that the simple headline actually obscures some quite complex and important issues.

We look at what ‘anti-virus’ is today, what it used to be and why it’s dangerous to confuse the two.

Is anti-virus dead?

Simon explores the four top reasons why people claim that anti-virus is dead.

If you want a brief history of anti-virus, we have you covered.

There’s a Hollywood-style anecdote about hacking anti-virus. And some disagreement with a couple of well-known researchers.

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  • What is anti-virus?
  • Is anti-virus dead? Who says so, and why?
  • A brief history
  • Dishonest marketing
  • Vulnerable security software
  • Security product evolution


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