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DE:CODED – How Attackers Attack

“Humans are a really powerful link in the chain”

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Show notes for series 1, episode 1 (How Attackers Attack)

How do attackers attack? Simon and Marc look at their tactics and explore options to help recognise and evade them. They examine social engineering in a cyber security and physical context. And the guys also explore technical exploits. At the end of this episode you will have a great overview of how attackers attack.

Annual Report 2020

Email attachments are not the main way bad guys try to hack you, your computer and your organisation. Successful attackers will also use social engineering attempts to persuade you to open them.

Cold-calling or emailing from out of the blue isn’t going to build the trust required. So they try other things…

How Attackers Attack

We look at how criminals try to exploit our human and technical vulnerabilities.

These vulnerabilities include:

  • Human kindness,
  • Human fear and
  • Vulnerable software

Those are the main areas on which attackers focus. We also cover file-less attacks (which aren’t really file-less); exploit toolkits; and malicious documents.

Watch out for links in email and social media. It’s almost not a case of when shouldn’t you click on them. It’s when should you?

Finally, we suggest a DIY ‘hack’ for viewing suspicious documents. It will improve your security instantly and for free.

There’s a lot more content in the podcast so listen now!

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  • Social engineering introduction (cyber and physical)
  • Tactics
  • Human and technical vulnerabilities


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