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3 ways to follow SE Labs

And Facebook isn’t one

3 ways to follow SE Labs

There are lots of ways that you can contact us, watch what we’re doing and keep up to date. But we’re stepping back from one so we can focus better on the others. Find out about the best 3 ways to follow SE Labs.

The 3 best ways to follow SE Labs

While we plan to continue maintaining a basic presence on Facebook, the best way to get the latest news, views and chat with us is to use one or more of the following three services.


If in doubt, just do this ⬇

To stay up to date, the simplest thing is to sign up to our Personal Security mailing list.

If you just do one thing to help stay in touch with us, that’s the easiest, least effort way. You won’t get day-to-day updates but a monthly summary of all of the important events, reports and news. No marketing. No spam. Higher than average content!*

The Top 3 list

Annual Report 2020

Here’s the Top 3 list of the best ways to follow us. Some ways work better for certain types of people and we’ve highlighted who is most likely to get the best from each service. (We don’t just dump the same content into each!)

  1. Newsletters – Good for everyone, our monthly newsletters go out to home users, businesses and security companies. Choose the right one to receive customised content straight to your inbox.
  2. LinkedIn – We primarily test security solutions for large businesses. If you work in information security you’ll probably appreciate most the thorough articles we publish on LinkedIn. And you can see how your peers react!
  3. Twitter – Best for technical folk, we’re more likely to post details of interesting attacks, hacks and technical testing details here.

They all help

Which ever option(s) you choose, they all provide notifications and access to the content we produce on our website and on this blog and our podcast.

You can, of course, follow the De:Coded cyber security podcast on Twitter separately, and it has its own newsletter too!

Last, and definitely least, we have a YouTube account.

But I still want to use Facebook!

We’ll automatically post links to our latest blog posts to Facebook, so if you want to keep following us you’ll have those, at least.

Please stay in touch 🙏😊

* True at the time of writing, according to MailChimp.

Find out more

Our latest reports, for enterprise, small business and home users are now available for free. Please download them and follow us on Twitter and/or LinkedIn to receive news, comment, updates and future reports.

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