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Network Security Performance Testing Evolved

How fast is your firewall? And does it still protect your business when it’s busy?

network security performance testing

SE Labs has launched its network security performance testing service. Our reports will answer questions like, “How fast is this NGFW, really?” And, “How well does it protect, even when it’s very busy?”

We have worked with the major global vendors in this area for over a year, identifying and addressing gaps in existing network performance testing. We’ve focussed on ensuring that these new tests from SE Labs are fair, honest, reliable and accurate.

These tests are the first of a new breed.

Performance, performance, performance!

The SE Labs Network Security Appliance (NSA) testing programme starts with network performance. It is the most realistic, useful and accurate testing of network security appliances such as firewalls, sandboxes, switches and routers available.

Our tests are customisable, providing results most appropriate for different types of organisation. If your network has a specific mix of traffic we can replicate it and show you how different products would handle it.

Real and virtual

We are evaluating hardware and virtualised solutions and can handle equipment suitable for data centers, large enterprises and distributed SMBs.

No other reports have gone into as much depth and provided analytics as useful and relevant to real users. We don’t just look at the technical specification sheets, and nor should you.

+ Protection

With this level of realism in the network performance area, we are also able to perform our world-leading security testing while putting these devices under realistic low, medium and high load levels. Does your firewall protect equally well when very busy? We’ll let you know.

Upholding the Standard(s)

As always, we run our testing according to the most rigorous standard and Standards. We currently follow/ comply with these:

CISOs: Keep an eye out on the Enterprise section of our website for the latest reports. We’ll also announce them via Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow us! 🙂

Security vendors: We’re probably already talking to you, but if you need the latest testing schedule please contact us.

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