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SE Labs launches new security testing site

new security testing site

The new security testing site reflects the changes in the security industry over the last few years. We’ve listened hard to your feedback and watched as the industry’s needs have changed.

Clients, both security vendors and their customers, need increasingly customised analysis of products and their effectiveness. Which is the best? And what does ‘best’ really mean?

Enterprises need protection from a wide variety of threats without being buried under piles of alerts. Investors need greater insight into how successful their potential investments will be, and small businesses (including start-ups) need to achieve enterprise-level security with a fraction of the budget.

On our new security testing site you can:

  • Read public reports on the site, free of charge and without registration.
  • Download full PDF versions.
  • Discover the options for private testing, which is available for both security vendors and their larger customers.
  • Access dedicated content for enterprises, investors, the media, small businesses and home users.
  • Find out in detail how we test and share extremely detailed information about the results.
  • Read informative articles that cover security, security testing and more for readers ranging from start-ups to the largest enterprises (here, on this blog).

Please let us know how you find these new resources. We’re always listening. But not, like, in a creepy way!


SE Labs Ltd is a private, independently-owned and run testing company that assesses security products and services. The main laboratory is located in Wimbledon, South London. It has excellent local and international travel connections. The lab is open for prearranged client visits.


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