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Email security: Is it any good against hackers?

Email security against hackers

World’s first in-depth, public test of security services vs. targeted attacks. We pit email security against hackers.

This email security test report is the product of two years of advanced threat research. We have worked with the security companies themselves and with their customers.  We have monitored what the bad guys have been doing and identified and replicated real-world email threats that affect everyone generally, and also specific types of businesses.

There is no report like this anywhere in the public domain. We are extremely proud to present the results here.

As you scan the headlines, awards and data tables you may wonder why so many of the major players in the email security industry are absent. Over the last 24 months we’ve worked with most of them privately, but this is a new test and, frankly, they are worried about their results.

It is to the massive credit of companies like Fortinet, Mimecast and Perception Point that they have enough confidence in their products to enter such a challenging test. And to be the first.

We will always welcome the participation of any vendor in the email security space but, as we move on with testing security products, please check in to see which companies are involved. Ask yourself why certain companies continue to refuse to be tested. Do they have something to hide, or is the test just no good?

To be fair, email security is in its infancy when compared to other computer security services. We expect services to improve over time as they face good independent testing. But these services are for sale now and you deserve to know which are the strongest.

Email security against hackers

We believe that this test is the best there’s ever been in this space, but we don’t expect you to just take us at our word. To add further credibility to our claims in this report we have submitted it to the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization, which assesses security tests for transparency. We won’t know until after the test is published if it complies with the AMTSO testing Standard, but we have enough confidence in the integrity of ourselves and the testing methods that we’re opening ourselves up to judgment.

To verify its compliance please check the AMTSO reference link at the bottom of page three of this report or here.

UPDATE (16th April 2020): The test was found to be compliant with AMTSO’s Standard.

As with all of our reports, if you have any questions please contact us via our website, Twitter or Facebook.


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